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How we started Baking Indulgence


"I found a dream of pursuing while having a sense of fulfillment. ❤" 

This is Jac, I am a freelance cake artist and instructor.


I was a consultant before I embark on my journey into motherhood. I am now working full time as a blessed wife with two gorgeous girls.

I started my caking indulgence with an intention to make my very own customized birthday cake for my loved ones... Yes, I credit that to the motherhood's hormone... (wink)

Since then, I meet so many great people in my most delighted journey.

There is always someone special to cherish, and I truly believe every cake is a love story.❤


We are delighted to make new friends!


In terms of  collaboration, customization or personal cake class, feel free to contact us by filling up the following message box. 


Looking forward to hearing from you!





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